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A Small Orphanage, School, Church & Community Center in Haiti

A small orphanage, school, church and community center in Haiti, run by our personal friend Pastor Guerry Lefranc, that needs your help to turn 

From this:

To this:

From Jerry Riggin, US Pastor for Zamar Ministries, Director Zamar Ministries, Inc.:

Zamar Ministries in Croix de Beque Hati was started in 2004 Pastor Guerry Lefranc, a native Hattian, son of a Hattian Pastor. He used to lead worship in his father’s church.  Guerry was a successful singer and 2000 he sold his first album.  He started a bible study ministry in his home that has now become an orphanage, school and church.  In 2010 there was a devastating earthquake and much of the facility was destroyed.  Pastor Guerry and his family lived with Mary and I for 18 months.  During that time, we became family.

Though we supported Zamar, I did not visit  I visited him there in 2017 after another disaster, hurricane Matthew, destroyed 90% of southern Haiti. I was appalled and amazed.  I was appalled at the conditions I found.  Over 100 children in the school use a hole over a leaky old cistern for a toilet.  Water had to be delivered by truck and paid for in cash.  But I was amazed that even with the appalling conditions and mostly empty bellies these kids could still play and be happy because they were loved and cared for.

In 2018 we completed the well, and now the school has also become a community center where people can get clean, free water.  But there is so much more to be done.  The immediate, desperate need is for reliable monthly donors (of any amount) so we know how many meals we can provide and how many children we can care for in the school and orphanage.  

We are in desperate need of willing hearts who will commit to a monthly donation of any amount.  We are currently feeding over 200 children in the school, and have over 40 children in the orphanage and there are hundreds of hungry and homeless children right in the neighborhood.  If we had just $5000 per month for food, rent, teachers and supplies we could finish repairing the orphanage and maybe even have plumbing.  $25 a month will take one child off the street and provide food and loving care.  Will you help? [donate link]

Zamar Ministries, Inc. is a 501c3 registered charity.

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