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  • Jerry Riggin

Haiti unrest leaves US missionaries stranded! - CNN

These articles say it all - Haiti, especially the capital, Port-au-Prince, is once again seeing wide spread rioting resulting in recent deaths, kidnappings and other violence. The US Embassy has asked for security reinforcements and ordered staff to "shelter in place." People cannot go out on the street

Our kids are safe, for the moment. There is usually a break where they can get out for supplies every few days. But food and fuel prices are sky rocketing and we need help.

Imagine for a moment you were a child in an orphanage in these circumstances. You are being told, "Don't be afraid. This happens from time to time. We will get food as soon as we can." I doubt that is very reassuring for a child with an empty stomach.

Praise God we have a functioning well, so water isn't a problem.

Please consider donating to this orphanage. If you already are, please consider adding a little more this month. Everything helps.

May God bless you and give you peace.


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